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Tourism is one of the priority areas for the investment development. Nature, history, and cultural sites attract both Russian and foreign tourists. In 2021, 3.9 million tourists visited the Chelyabinsk region.



National Project "Tourism and Hospitality Industry"
The national project "Tourism and the hospitality industry" features tools for the investment development of the tourism industry, including removing transport and supporting infrastructure restrictions.
Clusters and their development
There is the Mountain Urals tourist and recreational cluster in the Chelyabinsk Region. Two more clusters are being discussed, i.e. the Lake District and the Southern Ring.
Development of domestic and inbound tourism
The Chelyabinsk region provides support to investors in recreational, ecological, sanatorium-resort and cultural awareness tourism.

Top 20 of the 2022 National Tourist Rating

The Chelyabinsk region is in the top 20, aka "Golden Twenty" of the National Tourist Rating, ranked 13h. The South Urals is significantly ahead of regions with strong tourist brands (Sverdlovsk Region -17, Tyumen Region - 16, Kaliningrad Region - 18, Karelia - 29, Buryatia - 37, Kamchatka - 62), and this is a strong indication of a very high potential the region has.

Popular tourism destinations

Visiting national parks and climbing mountains
Resorts and Healing
Suggested projects