My Business Center Takes Part in the Meeting of the Chelyabinsk Branch of the Club of Young Manufacturers

07.02.2023 09:54 msk

The annual meeting of residents of the Club of the regional Chelyabinsk branch of young manufacturers was held at the My Business center. State support measures became a separate block on the agenda. 

The Club of Young Manufacturers united the heads of organizations interested in the possibility of promoting, cooperating and developing their company. The participants discussed work plans for 2023, issues of interaction with SUCCI, exchange of experience and activities in the current economic conditions. Artem Sagdakov, Head of Investment Development at the My Business Center, delivered a welcoming speech and presentation of support measures for investors.

"We support projects from various fields. Manufacturing enterprises are not an exception; on the contrary, they are a traditional direction for our region. We have extensive experience, we know the problems they face and what opportunities there are for development. To achieve a significant result, it is important to competently build a dialogue between business associations, business and the state", commented Artem Sagdakov.

In addition, the participants were told about industrial parks for expanding production and other opportunities for the development institution. Irina Pronina, Director of the Investment Attraction Department of the My Business center, pointed to the need to communicate with specialized associations in order to understand the request of entrepreneurs.

"It is important for us to understand that state support tools work. For example, last year the conditions for obtaining financial support were simplified, and programs for priority sectors were developed. All this allowed us to quickly solve many business problems. Entrepreneurs are interested in cooperation, so we try to provide an integrated approach and make support tools more efficient", commented Irina Pronina.

In the My Business center, entrepreneurs and self-employed people can receive financial, engineering, property, educational, consulting and other types of support in the one-stop regime. This year, the implementation of the most effective tools will continue.

Find out more on state support tools at My Business and the investment portal of the Chelyabinsk Region.

Support measures are implemented with the support of the regional Ministry of Economic Development.

Address your questions via 8-800-350-24-74 or in person at the following addresses: 

- Chelyabinsk, Rossiyskaya, 110, building 1, (2nd floor)

- Magnitogorsk, Lenin Ave. 70 (3rd floor)

- Zlatoust, Yu.A. Gagarin Prospekt, 3 microdistrict, 43 (3rd floor)

- Kyshtym, Kalinin St., 201 (3rd floor)

- Yuzhnouralsk, st. Kosmonavtov, 13

 - Miass, st. Romanenko, 50 (1st floor)

- Kartaly, st. Pushkina, 15/4

 - Satka, Lenin St., b.1

 - Upper Ufaley, Lenin St., b.129

My Business center is a part of  the national project "Small and medium entrepreneurship and support of individual entrepreneurship initiative".

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